Staying safe & telling stories – loving what we do 6 feet away

Here at As Told By, we are the storytellers – we’ve told the devastating story of the flood and how the community came together to pick up the pieces. We’ve told the story of the first pitch from our hometown team, the Columbia Fireflies. We’ve even told the story of what our community is doing to continue moving forward during this pandemic. And now it’s time to take a minute and reflect on what we are doing move our story forward. You see, we don’t normally run to the spotlight – we do our best work cheering on our clients as they take the spotlight. We make sure they look as good as they can center stage and that they get their message and their mission across. That’s our job. And, right now, it’s our job to tell you how we are doing that so that you, our clients and friends, stay safe while also keeping this family of professionals we work with safe as well.

We’re so grateful to our friends at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, United Way of the Midlands, Salvation Army of the Midlands, Municipal Association of SC, and Prisma Health for trusting us to continue telling their stories during this pandemic. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to continue doing what we love – telling stories! We have been so honored to document the United Way’s story and what they’re doing to help our community right now, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you. So why wait?

We’re still out here telling your stories. We’re still working hard, although most of our meetings are held through Google video meetings and our office is full of face masks and cleaning supplies. Our office is no different from any other office in that respect. We wash our hands and we elbow bump. We social distance and we sanitize. We mask up and we march on (figuratively, of course….it’s a little hard to march when you’re carrying gear to a shoot. Trust us on that one). We’re doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety while still providing much needed storytelling. The only way we’re going to get through this is to come together as a community and keep telling stories. Even if you have to tell us your story from 6 feet away, we’re still listening.

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