Columbia, SC Flood | Video | United Way of the Midlands

This is a very personal film. This is my town. It was a truly devastating blow to this town. Not only can you not anticipate a disaster on this scale, it just seems that it shouldn’t happen this way. We started working on this with the United Way of the Midlands on Tuesday after the flood. The city was in chaos. So many areas had been affected, we just drove around and talked to people. There was such a strong sense of community and volunteer ship. As the months passed, the chaos died down but people were still in need. This is when you really get the power of organizations like the united way. This video is not just a brand story. This is the soul of what they do. They step in to help where help is needed. This is evidence. The recovery that Columbia, SC needs is far beyond one agency or organization. It is going to take all of us remembering that this is a long-term recovery. We need to remember these neighbors that are still out of their homes. They still need our help and our support.

To find out how to help in the recovery, contact the United Way of the Midlands at the website below.


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