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What we do best are strategy and content. If we’re with you when an idea begins, we can craft content and also position your story to be shared with your people. Because we know that your story is the most effective way to reach the heart of your audience.

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Whether you’re a marketing director with years of experience, an agency whose specialty is in other areas like social or design, maybe you are simply overloaded by the amount of tasks in your day. This is where we come in. What we like to do is partner with our clients to help relieve some of the pressure. Several important factors we like to explore with our clients when discussing strategy are:

  • Your Budget | How much does it make sense to spend on creating content? How do you justify the money spent through reporting and analysis?
  • Your Time | How disruptive is it going to be to create this content? How many people need to be involved? How do we justify the time taken away from paid work?
  • Your Vision | Who writes the content? Who creates it? How do you tell the story of what you do into useful content that actually engages your audience?
  • Your Reach | Who’s going to see what you create? How do you reach the right people? How do you reach them in the right way?

Once we dig into all of this, it can get overwhelming. How do you plan for the marketing that you know you need to do? How do you implement the plan?

  • Internal or External | Are you talking to your staff, volunteers, contractors, or are you talking to the public? The tone of your content will determine who responds to it.
  • Paid or Organic | Is your content something that your current audience is going to share? Or do we need to reach a larger audience? With targeting, anything is possible.
  • Platform | Where is your audience now? Is it TikTok? Instagram? Facebook? YouTube? It’s a constantly changing landscape so it’s important to keep up with where your audience puts their attention. New or Existing Audience | Are you trying to reach people you’ve never talked to before? Or are you trying to solidify your position with your current audience? Or both?


With content, it’s so critical to get the most out of our client’s time and budget. The days of creating one TV commercial and using it for a year or two is over. Fresh new content is required and having a ton of it is just as important.

  • It needs to be great, engaging content.
  • It needs variety.
  • It needs to be universally interesting.

Our specialty is taking those elements of your business; the why, what and how, and turning all of that into video content. Typically, we can create 5-10 pieces of content from one day of shooting.

  • A beautifully articulated brand film that gets to the heart of your mission.
  • Profile videos of your key players
  • Testimonials from previous clients or advocates
  • Short videos for social promotion
  • All of this is rooted in strategy, but once we have the strategy, we turn out the content. That’s when all of this becomes so powerful!


The strategy has been defined, the plan is in place. The messaging is set, the content has been created, now what? Many of our clients have a framework for implementation ready to go. They have someone on staff that runs the ads, does the organic posts, or distributes their message. Sometimes all of that falls on the shoulders of the same person. When we say that our client’s goal becomes our goal we mean it. We are here for them and have the ability to support them in all areas of implementation.

  • Email Communication | Connecting with our client’s contact lists and monitoring effectiveness.
  • Social Media Posting | The structure of social media posts vary based on the platform so it is vital to post content that will link all right players to ensure the greatest possible organic reach.
  • Digital Advertising | From basic display ads to YouTube Pre-Roll and OTT streaming ads we help our clients get their content in front of their audience wherever they may be.
  • Traditional Advertising | TV, Radio, Billboards, and even Print, we recognize that in some cases a client’s audience may be reached through traditional mediums. We have built great relationships with local media outlets to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their Ad buys.
  • Live Events | Broadcasting moments in real time so our client’s are able to connect with their audience and deliver a message that will leave their people inspired and engaged.
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