Spirit Communications Park – Columbia Fireflies First Game – Event Video


We’ve been working with Spirit Communications for about 6 weeks preparing a video to play on their display upstairs in the stadium. Almost from the beginning we started talking about doing this video for the opening of the park. It is such a thrill to see it finally open and baseball happening on the field. The Columbia Fireflies are here! #letsglow. This is a world class facility and a great experience for families. Everyone should come out and take advantage of this awesome new addition to the Columbia landscape. Spirit is bringing super high speed wireless *1Gigabit! to the entire ballpark and upping the ante for what can be done in Columbia. It is such an honor to be affiliated with Spirit and we can’t wait to see what this area will become. Thanks to Greg Hilton for suggesting us for this project and the steady hand of Jonathan Palance for the aerial shots.

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