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Marketing foundation is critical!

  • You recognize as the marketer for your organization that the world’s attention has shifted to short-form video. There’s just not enough hours in the day to create enough video content. What will you even talk about in all these videos? How much does this have to cost? 
  • Our mission is to help our people make a connection with their people and share their story with the world. 
  • We specialize in creating content that moves people to action. Most decisions are made emotionally and reinforced logically. We’ll handle the plan, the production, and the execution of all of the content needed to keep up in this world of short-form video.
  • Our ideal client is a creative partner that trusts us to find their ideal market and connect them through stories.
  • We save our clients time by handling the heavy lifting of the creative process.
  • We protect our client’s public image by making them look amazing! 
  • Ultimately more connection, engagement, and humanization should make our clients money.
  • If you can make enough of the right content to connect with your ideal market, you can take advantage of all of the free, engaging, and trackable platforms that have captured everyone’s attention. The time is now, let’s get started!

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Meet The Team

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Bill Grant - Creative Director
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Brian Arnold - Operations Manager
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Daniel McLamore - Shreditor
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Zach McKinley - Project Manager / Shreditor
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Ryan Booth - Graphic Designer / Social Media Manager
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Stephanie Duncan - Shreditor / Social Media Manager
David Mathison -
  • Video marketing is key | Video production is the primary way marketers communicate today. 
  • Vanity isn’t effective | So many times video content is used just for views or likes. These vanity metrics do nothing to solve your problems or help accomplish your goals. 
  • Your time is so valuable |  As a video producer, it’s difficult to find the time to create the amount of content you need for your marketing and have the time to get it out there.
  • There’s constant pressure to perform |  You need to continuously come up with new ideas for video production, and reach new audiences and platforms. 
  • Return on Investment | You need to be able to show a great value for your video production dollar. 
  • There’s not enough personnel | You probably have a super strong team, but sometimes you just need that extra hand. 


Strategy is the first step. It's the secret ingredient. Without a great strategy, no video production campaign can be successful. Where is your audience spending their time? What platforms are they on? How are they feeling when they're ready to engage with your brand? These are questions we can help you answer. Video production without a strategy usually goes nowhere.


With video content, it’s so critical to engage your audience. You can't just shout your details at them and expect a result. You have to entertain or educate. That takes a specialized touch in understanding what your audience wants to hear from you. You should also be constantly refreshing your content. We focus on producing multiple videos from the same shoot day, maximizing your time and effort.


Many of our clients have a framework for implementation ready to go. They have someone on staff that runs the ads, does the organic posts, or distributes their message. However, most don't have much experience with video platforms or distribution of video productions. That's where we can help with many years of experience in the field.

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