Videos + Strategy = Success

Videos without a plan usually go nowhere...

  • Video is key | Videos are the primary way marketers communicate today. 
  • Vanity isn’t effective | So many times marketing content, especially videos, is used just for views or likes. These vanity metrics do nothing to solve your problems or help accomplish your goals. 
  • Your time is so valuable |  As a marketer, it’s difficult to find the time to create the amount of content you need for your marketing.
  • There’s constant pressure to perform |  You need to continuously come up with new ideas, and reach new audiences and platforms. 
  • Return on Investment | You need to be able to show a great value for your marketing dollar. 
  • There’s not enough personnel | You probably have a super strong team, but sometimes you just need that extra hand. 


Strategy is the first step. It's the secret ingredient. Without a great strategy, no video can be successful. Where is your audience spending their time? What platforms are they on? How are they feeling when they're ready to engage with your brand? These are questions we can help you answer.


With video content, it’s so critical to engage your audience. You can't just shout your details at them and expect a result. You have to entertain or educate. That takes a specialized touch in understanding what your audience wants to hear from you. You should also be constantly refreshing your content. We focus on creating multiple videos from the same shoot day, maximizing your time and effort.


The strategy has been defined, the plan is in place. The messaging is set, the content has been created, now what? Many of our clients have a framework for implementation ready to go. They have someone on staff that runs the ads, does the organic posts, or distributes their message. However, most don't have much experience with video platforms or distribution of video. That's where we can help with many years of experience in the field.

Here are a Few Samples of Our Work

Heathwood Hall

Heathwood Hall TV Commercial
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University of South Carolina

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Southern Way Catering

southern way recruiting video
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Warren Forensics

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Conservation Voters of SC

livestream image from CVSC Columbia SC
Play Video

Builders Industry Association

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Who We've Worked With

Meet The Team

Bill Grant - Creative Director
Brian Arnold - Operations Director
Gael Mercado - Shreditor
Jessica Pazdernik - Administrator
Josh Rogers - Shreditor
Zach Steinhauser - Shreditor
Tad Jones - Account Manager
Daniel Mclamore - Shreditor

What Our Clients Say

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