Heathwood Hall TV Commercial
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Heathwood Hall

Heathwood has been a great client of ours since 2016. This year they wanted to make a TV commercial to promote their athletics program. So, we set out to make this spot special. Over several weeks and about 15 sports, we got the footage to make this high-energy promo spot for their athletics. 

Check out more at heathwood.org

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University of South Carolina

We worked with the University of South Carolina on several projects this but none was as important as the State of the University. We worked directly with Dr. Pastides and his staff to create this video to highlight where the University of South Carolina is in 2021 and where it’s going. 

Watch the full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTQYfJkfgQ4&t=1s

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United Way of the Midlands

United Way’s goal in making brand videos is primarily to raise awareness, volunteers, and money. Our projects span from the narrative campaign film to covering local events. United Way has incredible stories of local people doing amazing things for their community and the videos reflect the emotional content that’s there.

Donate | Advocate | Volunteer at www.uway.org

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Capgemini North America

Capgemini is one of the largest companies operating in the IT space. We’ve worked with them since they moved a major recruiting center to Columbia SC. This year they hired us to make a video recruiting young workers to their new delivery concept. It’s a radical change in the IT consulting industry and we’re so proud to have played a small part.

Check out more videos about Capgemini

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Great Southern Homes

We don’t do many brand films specifically for TV, but this series for Great Southern Homes has featured the same families in their new home and it’s been fun to create and develop this concept alongside the team at Great Southern.

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Power Up Academy

What an incredible experience this was working with USC Housing and SC Vocational Rehab to cover this camp over the summer. It was inspiring to see these students from all over the state learning how to enter the workforce and gaining confidence in themselves.

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