How we’re staying busy

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For a small company like ours, staying busy in this strange time is critical! Here’s what we’re doing. Maybe this can be helpful to some of those small businesses out there and hopefully spark some ideas.


It’s so important in times like this that our mindset as a small business turns to “how can I help?” We all offer different ways to help in uncertainty. Our particular skill is in delivering a message. We can help reach a brand’s audience when they really need to know. Here are a few examples. 

United Way of the Midlands

We created the TV spot above from footage that we already had in our archives. Hopefully, this will help them raise money to give to the community once the crisis is over. In addition to this TV spot, we created a video from their director with a message about how they’re approaching the crisis. 

Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

 With Heathwood, we work primarily with their admissions dept and helped them to create a video tour of the campus since they can’t be there during this time. They wrote scripts and we recorded the admissions director giving a tour. We put that together into a video that they could use to give tours, while they can’t. In the long run, this will probably be a great addition to their website and could serve to benefit them once the crisis has passed.

Local Churches

We are working with several churches in the area to record service in their church (with a minimal crew) so they can have it online for Sunday. Livestreaming from home can work ok, but for parishioners, there’s a sense of comfort that comes from seeing their pastor inside their church. 


The last thing my editors are working on is updating our internal videos. This is something we’ve put on the back burner over the last year because of how incredibly busy we’ve been. Now that all of the busyness is on hold, we can focus on our promotional materials, and really connect with our audience. We’re doing that through stock video that we’ve collected over the last year and turning that into different videos that articulate our philosophy on creative. 


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