Famously Hot New Year – Event Video Columbia, SC

It’s so exciting to me when your city really does something cool. This was a project that I wanted to be a part of. I had an idea of how it should go from the beginning, the script sort of wrote itself.. This year had been a long one for the whole state of South Carolina, and I knew we would need this night to celebrate. And celebrate we did. This event drew an estimated 35, 000 people from all over the state and the region. Mainly to see the headliner Ms. Lauryn Hill, but also to get our and be a part of something huge. The crowd stretched down Main Street as far as the eye could see. Everyone excited for this night. I would love to thank my good friends Debi Schadel and Tracie Broom with Flock and Rally for bringing me into this project and trusting me with the creative direction. Thanks to Sherrard Duvall for the great Voice Over. Thanks to Jonathan and Wes for helping me shoot.  Please share and let everyone know we’re doing cool stuff in Columbia.


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