Your Brand Video needs a feeling…

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Setting the tone of your brand video determines how the viewer is going to feel…

How do you feel after watching this brand video? Do you want to go visit the Greystone? We’ve done that on purpose.

The effectiveness of a brand video is all about how it makes you feel. Do you feel connected? Do you feel emotional? These are all things that can be done intentionally. They can be introduced through various techniques.

  • The script is so important. What are you saying and who are you saying it to?
  • Music sets the pace. It helps to give the script some space and allows you to follow the emotion.
  • The voice is critical. We chose this VO to sound neutral, warm and inviting.

The client came to us with an idea of having someone go through a visit to the Greystone and a list of activities. We traveled to Lake Toxaway and stayed at the Inn overnight. We got a great sense of the place and realized that when you’re there, it feels like it’s all yours. It’s such an inviting atmosphere and you just relax and let the world fall away. After that, It was up to the creative direction to set the tone and feel of the video, and beyond all of the content, it is the feeling that you’re left with more than anything.

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