Audience is everything…

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Your audience is listening! What are you saying to them?

Audience. It’s arguably the most important element in marketing. Without knowing your audience, you are just advertising. You are interrupting someone’s day to deliver a message that they don’t necessarily want. Who has the money to waste? If you know your audience, then you talk to them directly, and ignore everyone else.

With this spot, Capgemini North America knew exactly who they wanted to talk to. They were looking for new college graduates to join their team. We’d be presenting this video at college recruiting events. So, we suggested that they get some new hires to talk directly to the audience. And here we are. An effective recruiting video. We wanted to represent their biggest North American markets, so we traveled to New York City and Chicago to get recognizable landmarks that would appeal to these college graduates looking to start their careers. 

The whole approach was not to show older, more established career employees talking down to the recruits but presenting them with the idea that they could start with Capgemini and hit the ground running with big projects for big clients right away. 

We worked with their campus recruiting team to write the script and each of the people you see talking in this video were not necessarily aware that we were gonna be doing this. I think they absolutely killed it! Our approach made it very low impact and each read-through of the script only took a few minutes. 



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