What is a Brand Film?

I get some questions outside of our business about “what is a brand film?” (or brand story, they’re the same thing) The way we look at a brand film is different than your typical commercial or corporate video. What you want to do as a brand whether you’re a commercial business or a non-profit is connect to your people. When people come across your info online you want them to instantly connect and want to know more. The research shows that one of the best ways of doing this is through a video or “brand film”. That’s where we come into the picture. The brand film does a few things differently than a traditional commercial. Primarily we focus on why. We don’t spend a lot of time on statistics or telling people what you do, it’s all about how to connect and we find that people connect to people and not numbers. They get involved based on how you make them feel. The goal of a “brand film” is to stir the emotions and make that connection. And that’s what we do…

SoCo Brand Film – www.soco-work.com

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