Famously Hot New Year-Columbia SC

We’re so excited to be video sponsor of Famously Hot New Year in Columbia this year. Look our for our video of the event. We were asked to do a preliminary promo as well.

It’s always funny making a video to motivate people. People want to be motivated emotionally. They want to connect to what they’re watching. So in getting this piece together, I knew I wanted to talk about real motivation. We’ve had a year full of ups and downs. Frankly, the reason to get together on New Years is to celebrate that we made it safely! I approached each of our people to say what was on their heart. What was important to them about approaching Famously Hot New Year. I try to stay away from statistics and listing features. This group of folks was gracious in completely improvising the script. As it came together, we were able to shape the script as we added each freestyle segment.

This is what’s cool about not over planning sometimes. As uncomfortable as it can be, it sometimes turns out some great performances. I originally approached Debi Schadel and Tracie Broom with Flock and Rally about this idea and we quickly started putting it together. Sometimes these things just work out. Come out! Share this video. Let’s get together New Years Eve and celebrate that we made it!

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