Introducing the new Cinema Couture.

PULL: Brand Stories is becoming Cinema Couture Films

It all comes down to telling your story. As I’ve gone through the last 3 years separating my work between weddings, commercial, and non-profits I’ve realized that it’s all just about telling your story. I’ve been cautioned by many of my colleagues that combining my wedding work with my commercial work was not a good idea. Well, I have to say that I’m very proud of all of our work. I think the essence of it is that we specialize in telling stories. Weddings and brands are just two settings where we find the story. It’s all about connecting to people and finding who they are. I’m excited to take this step and introduce our clients to each other. This blog will be featuring the stories we tell and some of the couples we meet and work with. The one connecting element will be interesting stories. Please comment and share the ones you like!




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