Videography by any other name still tells a story

For many of you that work with us, you know there are two brands in our video production “family” – As Told By, which focuses on commercial production, and Cinema Couture, which focuses on wedding videography and production. We mentioned this on the blog before, but we still get questions about why we continue to do both types of production. It always seems a little strange to us – why shouldn’t we continue to do both? If you think about it, regardless of whether the client is a big national corporation or a small local non-profit or a young (or young-at-heart) couple wanting to remember their wedding day for the rest of their lives, we are really just helping to tell a story.

How we make everything go right

So how does wedding videography help us tell your corporate story? For starters, weddings only happen once. There is no “take two” when it comes to getting footage at a wedding. We have to get it right the first time. And this translates to less time you spend with us getting footage to tell your story. We come to your video shoot with the same mindset as we do when we go to a wedding – there’s only one chance to get it right. There are always contingency plans in place. We do everything we can to predict what can go wrong before it does go wrong. And that means when it comes to telling your story, everything goes right.

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Difficult times call for a team that’s been there through it all

If that’s not enough, we know how to deal with sticky situations. Literally and figuratively. From a windy beach where getting good audio is tricky at best, to the middle of a picturesque shade-free field on a 100-degree-day in September, we’ve been there. Do you need to do a safety video in a noisy factory? We’ve got the microphones needed to sound like it was done in a soundproof room. Are you in need of a cool shot of your new laser etcher for your next corporate meeting? We’ve got the lenses needed to catch even the finest detail. Do you have a story to tell but don’t know where to start? Well, that’s what we do. You’re in good hands because we tell stories of all shapes and sizes for whatever audience. And weddings help us do that.

Anniversary video for our lead wedding editor, Andrea, and her husband Hayden

We know how to make each story unique

Weddings aren’t scripted – they happen in the moment. Which means we’re constantly working out the story as it unfolds. Who better to tell your story than our team of professionals. We know how to take a moment and make it last forever. We can tell a story a million different ways, but make it meaningful to each individual client. We take the predictable and make it new and exciting every time. So if you have a story to tell, why wouldn’t you want a team that entire families trust with stories that transcend everyday moments? And if you still think wedding videography doesn’t help us tell your corporate story, look at the stories we’ve told so far. Then, when you realize how amazing we are at what we do, let us know how we can help you tell your story.

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