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Things are….weird. We’re all trying to get back to normal, and part of that means school is back in session. Good, bad, indifferent — we don’t really know. We won’t even pretend we have all (or any) the answers. Just like everyone else, we’re going to keep moving forward and we’ll do what we can to make everything we do just as good, if not better, than it was before. We want you, our clients, friends, and supporters, to know that you can continue to count on us to tell your story just as beautifully as before, while staying true to our promise of doing what our name says: your story As Told By you. So in the spirit of continuing to move forward, we thought we’d highlight some of what we’ve done with Heathwood Hall Episcopal School.

Our most recent project with them was a thirty second commercial to kickstart this school year. We cannot begin to tell you how amazed we are at not just the safety measures taken by faculty and staff at Heathwood Hall, but also by how well the students are adhering to the safety guidelines. We know there are lots of schools with the same or similar guidelines in place, and we applaud everyone at all levels of education for stepping up to create these safety measures, for putting these guidelines into place, and especially for ensuring that their students can come to school and feel safe while doing their best to learn all they possibly can. We’re glad to know that we can count on our educators to have their students’ best interest at heart.

Heathwood Hall – Where Futures Begin

And while we’re glad for the kids who get to have a chance at a (mostly) normal school year, we can’t help but think of the seniors who had their last year in high school cut short. We’re sad that they didn’t get to enjoy all of the “lasts” – like the last day of school or the last time they walk the halls with their friends – that most everyone else gets. But we realized that, even without their “lasts”, they still had a memorable final year of high school. We hope that, in time, the hurt from missing out on so much will subside. We hope that they will look back on their story and remember how they persevered. Hopefully they’ll remember how they and their friends were able to help each other along. We hope that community spirit stays with them.

While looking back over our work with Heathwood Hall from the time school went virtual until summer break, we found some pretty incredible things. One of our favorites is from the senior class’ Vocal Ensemble – their rendition of “Count on me”. This video showcases all the great things about the seniors of 2020. There’s social distancing, for sure, since everyone is in their own home. They’re so far apart yet still able to harmonize as one cohesive unit. There’s so much feeling and emotion. You can tell they mean each and every word in the song. We know that no matter what, those students will ALWAYS be there for each other. It’s such a beautiful song, but especially now. We know these students will remember not just this song, but this experience for the rest of their lives.

Heathwood Hall Vocal Ensemble Seniors – Count On Me

This generation is full of kids (and young adults) who are strong and they’re going to make great things happen. Through sheer willpower and determination, this senior class made the impossible possible. They took lemons and made lemonade. And then they reinvented the lemonade and somehow made it better. And now they’re moving onward and upward. Continuing to reinvent that lemonade. This next generation is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve been through a lot in their young lives. And they’ve grown and prospered through everything. There’s a lot to look forward to from the seniors of 2020. And we have been trusted to tell their story. Heathwood Hall can count on us to tell their story, and so can you. Contact us today to get started telling your story.

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