How we found amazing community & collaboration

Founder, Bill, with NoMa founders Mazie, Beth, & Cara

Sometimes you get busy and you don’t realize the great new things happening around you. That is, until you happen to run into an old friend – and she’s been working on some amazing things! Enter NoMa Warehouse, Columbia’s newest community space. The ladies at NoMa Warehouse are working to build a community of artists, creators, art-lovers and supporters, because they believe “we are better together.” And they’re right! This space is such a cool venue, and it’s so versatile too. From workshops to seminars, live music to The NoMa Flea, everything they do is about community, collaboration, and bringing people together.

Find the creatives

In that same spirit of community, we wanted to see NoMa Warehouse in action. There’s nothing more invigorating than watching communities come together and friendships being created in a cooperative of shared ideas and spaces. The first time we were able to see all that NoMa Warehouse had to offer was at the Cottontown Art Crawl. If you’ve never been, we definitely recommend it! As artists and creators ourselves, it was a great experience being able to see so many others together supporting each other and showcasing their own talents. It’s obvious why NoMa Warehouse was created in the first place. There are so many amazing creators in this place we call home, and we were given the chance to document it.

Film the creatives

NoMa Warehouse Promotional Video

When we visited the Cottontown Art Crawl this year, we didn’t take a lot of gear or a big team. We wanted to create a video that showcases the true beauty of what NoMa Warehouse is creating. We wanted to show off the cooperative as it is. There are so many different styles of art represented in one place. It’s easy to see why a creative, collaborative space like this is needed. It’s more than just a retail space, although NoMa Warehouse does offer that. More than just a creative space where artists can go to make art. Way more than just a gathering space for their weekly NoMa Flea. It truly is a space for creativity and collaboration.

Follow the creatives

Looking for community and collaboration? Be sure to follow NoMa Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram. Looking for help creating a promotional video like the one we created for NoMa Warehouse? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us to begin collaborating on your marketing creative.

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