Learning doesn’t have to stop when school does

Learning never stops. We’re always looking for more opportunities to read and learn.

Learning doesn’t stop just because school does. And we’re not just talking about kids and whether or not they’re in person, virtual, home-schooled, or any combination therein. We’re talking about people like us. People who’ve been to school. We’ve got our diplomas and our degrees and our certificates. We’ve put in the time which means we’re done, right? And we’ve learned all we were supposed to. Well, no. Not really. Just because we’re not technically “in school” anymore, that doesn’t mean we’re too old to continue learning.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is very different from knowing what to do and how to do it well. We want to be the best at what we do. Not because we want to be able to tell everyone we’re the best. Because if you really are the best, you don’t need to tell people – they’ll already know. We want to be the best at what we do so that you, our family, friends and clients, are able to tell your stories in the best possible way. Storytelling is something that has always been around and always will be around – it just evolves constantly as technology and communication practices evolve. We want to evolve with it.

We were talking in our meeting last week about the possibility of having a “book club” among the staff here at As Told By. We’re not sure the term “book club” is right for what we want to do, though. We know we want to keep learning as much as we can, so we can tell your stories the best way possible. So we’re really into a “learning club”, if you will. We’re looking into physical books, audio books, blogs, and really any avenue of learning.

Going forward, we’ll post about what we’re learning and how we are able to use it to further some aspect of As Told By. We want to learn more to help us on the business side, the storytelling side, and the social media side. And hopefully that can help some of you in whatever capacity you need. For now, we’ll say that this is a thing we’re doing and we hope you’ll journey with us as we continue to learn everything we can. And while you’re on this journey with us, how about you drop us some bread crumbs? What books, audio books, podcasts, or blogs should we be looking into?

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