Artist vs. Scientist – Which one are you?


Photo by Lucas Brown – Kickstand Studio

Creative entrepreneurs are interesting. I tend to separate most of us into two groups.

The Artist vs. The Scientist

So, let me me explain.

The Artist

The artist entrepreneur approaches the business world like they approach their work. They are looking for spontaneity, spark, creation.  It sometimes comes easy, but most of the time is borne out of struggle. The attraction for the artist is that chance of hitting on something brilliant, which also leaves the chance of missing the mark. Their work sometimes shines with an accidental energy that is hard to duplicate and that’s ok. The chance of it being great is worth the chance that it will be a disaster. In their mind, there is no “right” way to create, but the creation leads the way.

The Scientist

The Scientist entrepreneur faces a simple dilemma when attempting to create. They want to figure it out. They want to make order of seeming chaos. If they can crack the code of creativity, then they can duplicate it over and over. It’s a way of approaching creative work borne out of systems and predictability. Not in a boring way, but a result that’s predictably good once they crack the code. They figure out how creation is done, and engineer it so it happens again and again.

I’m not necessarily saying either of these approaches is right or wrong, but I’ve recognized these traits over and over in the creatives that I know. Both ways can produce great results. It is important to know who you’re working with to know how they work best. And frankly, most of us have elements of both within us but lean heavily to one side or another when they are in the process of creating their work.

Which one are you?

Artist or Scientist?


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