Brittney & Shane Columbia SC Wedding Video – Adam’s Pond Wedding film

There are some wedding videos that you’re just excited to edit. This was one of them. Not only was wedding and reception at one of my favorite venues; Millstone at Adam’s Pond which is always great, the couple were stunningly gorgeous and super excited to be there, but I got to work with the force of nature that is Rev Kevin Roberts (VOW). There are few times where I’m truly impressed and excited to work with a new vendor, but this guy was amazing. He took the time to get to know Brittney & Shane and understand their story and then incorporate that story into their ceremony. I was floored by Rev Kev and he’s become a good friend. It’s also great when you get to meet a group of family and friends with a close bond. There’s no stress from anyone, just a day to celebrate with the couple and start them on this great journey in style. As I look back on 2015, this was one of my favorite weddings. It was also great to finally meet wedding photographer Kelly Labruyere with Kelly L Photography. It’s so important when the photographer and wedding videographer can work as a team. The Finesse Band kept them rocking all night. On this cold February day, it’s impossible to imagine the heat of summer. Hope this warms you up!


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