Five Points Association – Brand Film – Columbia SC Neighborhood

Anywhere you go, business is about one thing ; relationships. People care more about how you make them feel than the bottom line. All of the people in this video relate that feeling to the little district of Five Points. It’s an area that feels comfortable, familiar, and just feels like home. We were brought into this project by Tracie and Debi at Flock & Rally and honestly, I love their taste in clients. Amy Beth Franks, the executive director, is one of those great, vibrant people in this community. It’s always great to meet new people that I wouldn’t meet otherwise. We developed this idea of relating the past of Five Points to its present through some history provided by John Sherrer with Historic Columbia as well as talking to current merchants that still feel the vibe of this cool 100 yr old neighborhood. What I love about videos like this is how we can find the heart of something like a neighborhood and in turn connect the viewer to that heart. It makes my job less about marketing and more about telling a story. They are already using this video at community events to highlight where Five Points is going, and that’s what I love to hear.

Check out some of the great places featured in our little video. And any of you that still claim Five Points as your own, share this video!

Goat’s –

Richard Burts

WildFlower Boutique

Bombshell Salon

Revente Consignment

Five Points Association

Historic Columbia Foundation



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