Make a Wish Foundation | Rob’s Wish | Non-Profit Story



One of our favorite things to do in this business is to tell non-profit stories. We love the ability to get to know some of the most remarkable people in our state and share their stories. Make a Wish SC came to us in December with this project of producing 3 separate videos for their wish ball in February and we jumped at the chance. We were struck immediately by Rob’s outlook, by how positive he was in the face of a life threatening illness.  The scope of the project was large. Even though, we couldn’t go to the Videing Islands with the family, we were at the wish announcement in December, and really got the chance to see the impact on Rob and his family. The surprising thing about this project for us was the effect that Rob had on the staffers, volunteers, and donors that interact with Make a Wish a lot. It was an extremely uplifting experience, and in the words of Amaya, “it’s not just a wish, it’s hope” Here are the other videos we did for this project and the Wish Ball video.




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