Local editor, director, & producer talks with us about media literacy

As Told By You Podcast, Episode 3

Another week, another insightful podcast! If you’ve been following us on our social media accounts, then episode three’s interview guest, Sherard Duvall of OTR Media Group, should look familiar to you. We like to consider Sherard not just a brilliant local and national filmmaker, but also a friend. We’ve done a lot of work with him, but sometimes it’s hard to get a real sense of someone’s story of how they got to where they are while we’re on a shoot. His work is stellar and he’s such a joy to work with. We had to have him on the podcast.

When we asked Sherard to appear on the podcast, we knew we’d get some amazing insight. And he definitely did not disappoint! Really, the only disappointing thing about our interview with Sherard was how quickly it went by. When we talk about local business leaders and local talent, Sherard is one of the people we base that idea on. He grew up in the area – from attending school in Richland School District One to graduating from USC in 2001 – and we absolutely love how much he is continuing to give back to his community through OTR Media Group.

As Told By: You Podcast, Episode 3

We’re not going to give away everything we learned from Sherard – you’ll have to watch episode three of the As Told By You podcast yourself to find out what tips, tricks, and behind the scenes content we talked about. To Sherard – accomplished editor, director, and producer – we can’t thank you enough for sitting down with us. It’s always a pleasure to talk with local talent, and local friends. Sherard, we loved hearing about how you broke into this industry as well as the economics of documentary work and media literacy.

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