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As Told By: You Podcast, Episode 4

We love our “famously hot” little city, and we absolutely understand how so many amazing people are building and growing their businesses here. We’ve talked with so many interesting people on the podcast lately. It’s hard each week to say something better than “oh man, this week’s podcast is amazing and we learned a lot and our interviewee had a lot of insightful things to say” because, well, it’s true each and every week. So it should be no surprise to anyone that this week we are honored to sit down with another of Columbia’s best to talk about what makes them tick and what makes them so successful. (If you’ve missed any of the past podcasts or you’d like to re-watch them, click here.) On this week’s podcast, we interview Coldwell Banker’s Jeff Lawler about growing his network, the housing market in 2021, and really everything in between.

First steps in growing your network

Growing your network looks a little different than you’d think, according to Jeff. It doesn’t start with finding people to network with. It isn’t getting to know people that could benefit you. Instead, Jeff says “go out and volunteer. I feel like that should be your first thing.” He’s pretty on the nose, if you ask us. You don’t know what your community needs if you don’t ask. And the best way to ask what your community needs is to volunteer and see firsthand what you can offer and improve on. You’ll meet likeminded people when you volunteer. There are lots of people that don’t know they need you or your services. In order to grow your network, you need to put yourself out there. Find the people who haven’t realized they need you. Meet them where they are. Then you can help them.

We’re not going to give away the rest of Jeff’s tips – you’ll have to check out the podcast for yourself. And be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn. New podcasts are coming every Friday.

I’m local – how do I get invited to be a guest on the podcast?

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