Behind the scenes of digital storytelling

We’re in the business of storytelling, that’s no secret. What sometimes feels like a secret is what stories are we telling? And where are we telling them? To whom? The short answer is we’re telling all the stories, everywhere, and to whomever is willing to listen. The long answer is, well, long, so we’ve dedicated an entire page to explain that. Basically, we get to learn so much about so many aspects of our community, through the eyes of each of you – our friends and neighbors! We then get to take what we learn and make it into a visual story. Learning from the community and then showcasing what we learn is what makes what we do so special.

If we’ve got a whole page dedicated to explaining what we do, why take up time and space here? Sometimes it’s easier to understand our storytelling when you can see it from our eyes. Seeing the process sometimes gives a better understanding and appreciation for the stories we tell. And what better way to do that than to showcase our most recent sessions with Conservation Voters of SC. This group of individuals is busy working for you, the community, to better our environment. Let’s be honest, we’ve all taken a few walks outside since the start of the pandemic. We all need some fresh air and a change of scenery. The professionals at Conservation Voters of SC are busy working to make those walks more, well, nature-y.

We had the pleasure of meeting with a few Conservation Voters of SC members and recording their stories for their upcoming annual meeting. We want to take you on a behind the scenes visual tour of what goes into storytelling in the digital age. It’s more than just someone with a cell phone taking photos and videos and posting them to social media (although, that is something we do). It takes a whole team of videographers, editors, and experts in multiple fields to execute visually exciting, informative, one-of-a-kind visual stories. That’s why we surround ourselves with some of the best talent there is; to make sure our clients get the best visualization of their story possible. This is why, for us, Story Matters.

Storytelling at it's socially distanced finest.

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