5 easy steps to selling your client’s home virtually

Selling a home is what you’re good at it – you know each of your clients’ homes inside and outside, literally! Finding that perfect buyer who will fit into your client’s home is what you do. Once you get that prospective buyer inside the house and they feel those granite counter tops in the kitchen and they start planning next year’s BBQ on that beautifully constructed deck overlooking the spacious backyard that their dog, Sir Barkley, is going to play fetch in, you know you’ve done it again – you’ve sold another client’s home to the next family that will love it and call it home.

But with social distancing in place, it’s hard to get prospective buyers into a home for a viewing, and pictures don’t show your prospective buyers how much space they’ll have when they get their king sized bed in the bedroom and if they can fit the dresser and the chest of drawers in there with it because where will all their stuff go? Wouldn’t it be great if they could just see a video of what the house looks like so they can visualize their lives in their prospective new home? The only thing better than that would be a virtual tour, where you can walk your prospective buyers through their next home – whenever they want. That’s where we come in; we’ve got 5 quick and easy steps to sell your client’s home virtually.

Step 1: Schedule your As Told By consultation

Scheduling a consultation with us is easier than you think. You’re already halfway there. All you have to do is click that button right up at the top of the page that says “Let’s Talk” (or just click here). It really is that easy. And guess what? Once you do that, you’re one step (out of 5 easy ones) away from selling your client’s home virtually! Seriously, step one is done. Time to move on to step two.

Step 2: Plan your video shoot with our professionals

We’ve got a team of expert videographers and editors ready to create a beautiful showing of the home you’re selling for your client. You tell us where and we do all the rest. We create short videos – for the busy buyer who’s touring prospective future homes on their lunch break:

3200 Fruit Hill Road

Medium length video tours are great for those buyers who have narrowed it down to two or three choices and really want to know everything they can about each home they’re looking at, so they can compare the homes to know which is the best fit for their family:

521 Boyd Branch Crossing

For buyers who think they’ve decided but need a helpful nudge, our extended cut virtual tours can really help them envision themselves in the space:

409 Maple Street

Step 3: Give our cameras the tour

Once all the planning is done, we come to your client’s house and we take the tour – this part is where we find all the perfect angles to showcase the best features that prospective buyers are looking for. We find the way the afternoon sun brightens up the breakfast nook – it’s the perfect place to help the kids with their homework. And that window over the kitchen sink that always has a bird visitor or two each day. And the feel of the hardwood floors on bare feet in the summertime. We find those distinctive qualities each home has, and we help your clients feel them. And that’s it. Once we’ve taken the tour, we’ll bring the footage back to our office and get to work editing, finding the perfect soundtrack accompaniment, and craft the best virtual tour for your client’s home.

Step 4: Send your customized home tour video to prospective buyers

We send you link to your virtual home tour video, and you find the perfect prospective buyer. Once they fall in love, you can move on to step five.

Step 5: Sell your client’s home virtually

The final step in our simple 5-step plan to sell your client’s home is, literally, to sell your client’s home. That’s it.

Virtual home tours may be the next big thing in real estate, and we’re here to get you started early. We help you get more prospective buyers “walking” into more of your clients’ homes. With a virtual home tour, you’re able to take as many buyers to as many houses as they want to see, in all different areas with no drive time and no worries of overlapping appointments if a prospective buyer wants to walk through a house multiple times. So what have you got to lose? Hit that button at the top and “Let’s Talk” today.

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