Day Two brought us to NYC for the very first video production shoot!

video production NYC
Video Production NYC

Video Production NYC

We started our relationship with a new video production client this September in NYC with DayTwo. Paula Cobb invited us to work with the Live Like London Foundation for her golf tournament in March. When they started to think about using video to promote, DayTwo, they gave us a call. The timeline for this project was extremely short. It was about 10 days from the start until the delivery of the video. If you’d like a video similar to this, visit our website at

Zach, Ryan, and Bill traveled with DayTwo to their NYC office and created this video to submit to a national contest.

video production bts image from NYC
Bill, Paula, Zach, and Ryan in NYC
Video production bts image from NYC

DayTwo is using microbiome data to change the outlook of chronic disease — starting with type 2 diabetes.

DayTwo empowers members to make small, highly personalized tweaks to their nutrition plans that garner significant results. Regulating blood sugar levels can be as simple as adding almonds to your ice cream or eating a different type of tortilla. Members can’t believe how easy it is. Their only regret? That they didn’t find us sooner.

See more of Day Two here:

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