SoCo – Columbia, SC Coworking Space – Video story

I first heard about SoCo through visiting 1 Million Cups in Columbia. And, if you haven’t visited 1 Million Cups on Wednesdays at 9:00 at Cromer’s, It is the best networking that Columbia has to offer. I was intrigued because not only was in need of a space that was convenient to get to, but I also needed a space to meet clients. Frankly, my wife was ready for me to get the work out of the house so I went for a visit. I recognized right away that there were some pretty amazing things happening at this space. It feels like a community, a quiet, serious, grounded community of thinkers and doers. From events like Pecha Kucha to The Iron Yard Academy, it’s a constantly moving and shaking spot. I felt like we just had to do a video showcasing their story. For those that see Columbia as a sleepy town where the same things happen over and over, I would recommend a visit to SoCo. It will change your mind…




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