You need a video for your website… but why?

Website video produced by Cinema Couture for Midland's Technical College
Video produced by Cinema Couture for Midlands Technical College

You need a website video… but why?

So, everyone is telling you that you need a video for your website. There are 1000 articles about it and how everything is moving towards video on social media. You should ask yourself why. Why use a video on your website and social media? The answer is simple, story. It’s what helps to connect us to each other. That’s what makes the difference on your website or anywhere you have a presence online. There isn’t a slogan, or comedy sketch, or catchy jingle that will represent your brand better than simply telling your story. Why does it matter?

website video produced by Cinema Couture for the Vista Guild
Video produced by Cinema Couture for The Vista Guild

Think about those companies that you do business with. Think about the places you spend real money. The thing that keeps you coming back is probably the people behind the product or service. Think about the places you donate your time and money. It’s probably because you believe in what they’re doing.

This is why online video is important. What we want is to connect to each other. What we want is to do business with people we believe in. There is no better way to do that than telling the world the story of why you are here. It’s not about statistics, or inventory, or options or location. It’s about why.

If you want people to make a lasting connection to what you do, the best way to do that is with your authentic story. Everything else is just advertising, and nobody wants that.

Here are some examples of website videos we’ve created for organizations and companies. Notice how much you get to know them, and at the end, you’re compelled to find out more. This is why you need a website video.

United Way of the Midlands

Five Points Association

SC Baptist Convention – Janie Chapman Missions Offering

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