Columbia SC Brand Video | Southern Way Catering

Creating a Columbia SC Brand Video

We have worked with Southern Way Catering for years at various events, so we are thrilled to finally have a chance to create their own brand film.

This Columbia SC brand video is a perfect example of how we set ourselves apart as filmmakers. Our mission is to create a film that tells your story with your voice, so others can care. It is helpful that the food is so beautiful and the people are so great in this Columbia SC brand video. It was pure joy making this film!

Southern Way Catering’s brand film was particularly special to us because we worked with them frequently covering the same events. You may notice while watching their video that we used footage from real events with real people. We had many opportunities to work the same events together, which means we had lots of real-life footage of Southern Way Catering’s work.

From weddings to corporate events, Southern Way brings great food to great people, and we are thankful to work with them.

Do you like this video? Make sure to check out more of our brand films, and also get in touch to start your own film.

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