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Video Content Is More Important Than Ever

When your executive director hands you a video project, we can be your secret weapon that takes your marketing to the next level. As Told By helps you create the impactful video content you need. 


Whether you're a marketing director with years of experience, an agency whose specialty is in areas other than video, or simply are just overloaded by the amount of tasks in your day. We partner with clients like you to help relieve some of the pressure you might be feeling, and we help you reclaim time in your busy day.


With video content, it’s so critical to get the most out of our client’s time and budget. Fresh new content is required and having a ton of it is just as important. We specialize in creating multiple pieces of content from a limited amount of production. That means your marketing budget gets stretched further.


The strategy has been defined, the plan is in place. The messaging is set, the content has been created, now what? Many of our clients have a framework for implementation ready to go. They have someone on staff that runs the ads, does the organic posts, or distributes their message.

Marketing your brand can be overwhelming

  • Your time is so valuable |  As a marketer, it’s difficult to find the time to create the amount of content you need for your marketing.
  • There’s constant pressure to perform |  You need to continuously come up with new ideas, and reach new audiences and platforms. 
  • Return on Investment | You need to be able to show a great value for your marketing dollar. 
  • There’s not enough personnel | You probably have a super strong team, but sometimes you just need that extra hand. 

Meet The Team

Bill Grant


Bill oversees the production of all projects. This is his 12th year as a full-time video producer and creative director. He can be reached at

Brian Arnold


Brian is in charge of business development and corporate direction. His specialty is in strategic marketing and planning. He can be reached at

Alex Cone

Production Manager

Alex is a production master. She helps keep the projects on time and running smoothly. In addition to project management, she helps us with shooting and editing. Her email is

Andrea Esselman

Editor / Producer

Andrea has been with us for two short years but in that time has become such an important part of the team. She brings an amazing heart and warmth to her edits and we are lucky to have her. Her email is

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