5 Videos You Need To Make Right Now

Testimonials are used to validate your relationships with current clients and to showcase how you solved problems from your clients’ perspective.  With testimonials, you aren’t telling prospective clients that they should trust you; instead, current clients who have already bought into you and your brand are telling prospective clients that they should trust you.

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When doing testimonial videos, you want to make sure to ask questions that don’t give a “general” answer.  You want your interviewee to give specific reasons why your company was able to fix their problem, so you need to ask very specific open-ended questions.  Here are some sample questions that ask for more than just a “yes” or “no” or “everything was great!” answer:

  • “What part of the process most helped you reach your goal?”
  • “How did your outlook on the problem change when our company stepped in to help?”
  • “What advice can you give to others who are dealing with similar problems to the ones we helped you solve?”
  • “How do our services help you run your business more efficiently?”

In addition to asking the right questions in these video testimonials, you need to make sure there is a variety of interviewees so that your prospective clients can see a balanced perspective.  You want prospective clients to be able to relate to the people giving their referral of your business, and you want them to see that you are able to solve the problems of a variety of different people.

Think of it this way – when you move to a new city, you don’t just go to the first doctor in the list when you Google “doctors near me”.  You read their reviews and look at a lot before narrowing it down to a few, then you take those few and ask people you know what their feelings are toward those few that you’ve narrowed it down to.  Your prospective clients are doing the same when they are looking for someone that does what you do.  They’re sizing you up based on other people’s experiences with you.  They want to know if you really can solve their problem as well as they want you to.

Written testimonials and Google Reviews are great, so absolutely do those!  But including video testimonials with written testimonials adds another level of validation and trust.  Back to the finding a doctor scenario – the reviews you read online are from “Carol” and “Danterio” and, honestly, you don’t know those people.  But if you see a video testimonial from “Carol” and “Danterio”, you can clearly see whether their testimonial is genuine or if they look like they’re reading from a prompter or have memorized a script.  Video testimonials add that extra layer of trustworthiness that prospective clients are looking for.

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