5 Videos You Need To Make Right Now

Your FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) video is one that not many companies think of.  Yeah, you’ve got the entire FAQ section that you can scroll through and read (or, most likely, skim through) to find your answer.  But how many people actually scroll through those giant blocks of text?  And of those people, how many actually find the answer they’re looking for?  A lot of times, FAQ sections cover very simple topics that can be easily explained in under a minute, but you’re going to spend exponentially more time scrolling through a seemingly endless page of text trying to find your answer.  And if the FAQ page doesn’t require you to scroll, but instead has links at the top to jump to the right answer, a lot of the time that answer is written out in so many extra sentences that sometimes your prospective client leaves your site with their questions unanswered.

Making FAQ videos can help your prospective clients get their questions answered quicker with the added benefit of saving you some time.  Instead of answering the same question over and over, having a video that not only sits on your website, but is also available for you to send in an email when a client asks that question saves you time because the answer is ready to send with little-to-no additional effort.  There’s also the added benefit of letting your client feel more taken care of because, instead of sending them a link to your FAQ page where they may have already searched and couldn’t find the answer, you’ve sent them a video that feels more personalized to answer their question.  Now, we’re not saying you can eliminate a text version of your FAQ page, but having some of the shorter answers in video form or even having some of the more visual-centered answers (think tutorial type questions) in video form could help prospective clients navigate their questions and find their answers more quickly and stress-free.

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