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5 Videos You Need To Make Right Now

The Brand Film tops our list of the 5 videos you need to make right now because this is where you can tell prospective clients who you are, why you’re here, who you serve, and how you affect the people you work with.  This video sets the bar of what prospective clients can expect from you; it sets up your identity as a company.  This video must make an emotional connection with your audience in order to be successful.  You want people to understand not just who you are as a company, but why you exist and how you, specifically, can help them.

People are more discerning about who they do business with because there is so much competition for their business.  Your prospective clients want to know if their values line up with yours as a company before they start doing business with you.  Your brand film is where you can tell these prospective clients how they can benefit from working with you.  What does their future look like if they choose to do business with you?  How does your company help them in ways that other companies don’t?  What does success look like with your company, and how does that success translate to prospective clients?

When talking to prospective clients in your brand film, you want to be as clear as you can, so avoid “insider” terminology and cleverness as much as possible.  It is never a good thing for a prospective client to walk away from your brand film still wondering if you’re the right fit to fix their specific problem – you want them to walk away with questions about how you’re going to fix their problem because that means they want to work with you and they know you’ll get the job done right.

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There are many ways to do a brand film right – and the term “right” means right for your company and your audience.  For some, a scripted brand film is the best option, while for others an interview style brand film works best.  Sometimes a brand film can be under three minutes and other times it can be five minutes or more.  There are so many variables involved in deciding what is right for your brand film, so we often look at a few options before we come up with a strategy that feels on brand for your company.

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Your successful brand film should do the following four things:

  • Talk primarily about your prospective clients. Show that you have an understanding of their problems and show how you or your service can fix them.
  • Paint a picture of what their future looks like when their problems are gone. 
  • Don’t try being clever or using insider terms. You want prospective clients to understand every part of your brand message and why they should trust you.
  • Tell them why you’re here and how they can benefit from working with you.
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